Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Snapshot: Sevel, Denmark

Starting today, we would like to introduce the "Wednesday Snapshot", a new feature on Smash and Sniff, a weekly postcard, a snapshot from the archives - near and far - just a photo with a brief caption relating to culture, cuisine or kids.

I have just had a few glasses of wine (and am therefore nostalgic) and have spoken with my dear sweet wonderful friends Kai and Fenja, ever so briefly back from Khartoum, and therefore would like to dedicate the first postcard to them. This is a snapshot of Kai, Fenja and Ingo on our first trip to Sevel, Denmark where Fenja grew up, a beautiful spot of Danish countryside that we visit as frequently as possible and each time we start on the four hour drive back to Hamburg we say, "siiiiigggghhhhhhh" - amazing company, long walks in the very brisk Danish-countryside air, followed by delicious meals and (aquavit)warmth. Fenjan, Kaijan and little Fridtjof: we miss you!

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