Monday, November 9, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good!

20 years ago tonight, the Berlin Wall came down. I am sitting here watching documentary footage of the events that lead to that moment when the masses at the border crossings finally convinced confused east German guards to peacefully open the gates and let them through. After that, there was no stopping the flood of people that gushed from one side to the other.

To commemorate the events of November 9, 2009, huge wall-like dominoes have been set up in Berlin where the wall once stood. I am slightly emotional watching them fall, (then again, I cry every time I see this German telecom ad, every time I watch an Olympic sporting event, every time one of my kids says a new word...).

Suddenly they stop. The wall stopped falling on the anniversary of the fall of the wall! Shit! Someone push! Hello throng of cheering onlookers - do something! Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. The fall of the wall was purposely paused - so that Bon Jovi could do a musical tribute. Nothing like a little Jon Bon Jovi to commemorate a historical moment, I say.

I chose to commemorate the evening another way: with Berliners. Not the super cool ultra hip people from the German capital-Berliners. The jelly doughnut-Berliners, made famous by Kennedy's poor German grammar. Tonight, my kids got a history lesson in the form of one vanilla and one plum-filled jelly doughnut. Ich bin ein Berliner! Happy Anniversary Berlin!

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