Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Snapshot: My Tianguis

This man and his bounty are why I love the Wednesday Tianguis (market in Spanish) near my house. I never miss it, and pretty much every week I learn something new. Today, I stopped to investigate a bright magenta-colored clump resembling large Christmas bulbs. The weathered farmer who was selling this bundle of mystery, was busy skinning cactus, but gladly took the time to explain that the fruit in question was the flower of the agave plant. The pink skin easily peels off, and underneath is a white flesh. While generously salting the fruit, he declared that the flower was a known cure for diabetes. It had a pleasant, mild flavor and a fibrous interior, which you spit out with the little black seeds after sucking it dry. This man hails from the famous town of Tequila, and consumes every part of the agave plant. A good amigo to have!

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