Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Snapshot: Guanajuato, Mexico

What is remarkable about this photo, is not the slabs of chicharrón the size of a lifeboat, that this ranchero is selling. (The type of Chicharrón pictured here, and there are many, is deep deep DEEP fried pork skin. The hair and rich pork fat have been removed, the skins blanched and dried and then fried to oblivion, until it reaches a puffy, airy foam-like texture. Due to the fat removal part, this is not my favorite incarnation of chicharrón. But I can't help but be impressed by the butchers skills- he got the whole pig suit off in one piece!)

Anyway, what is truly amazing about this photo, is what you can not see. Behind the lens, Carter and I are both sitting down drinking coffee. Both of us. The two of us. Sitting. At the same time. It has been two years since we have been traveling and indulged in the lazy ways of people observing their surrounds without interruptions from a small child on the constant verge of destruction. One of us is always fishing the little guy out of a fountain, apologizing to another set of parents for a stolen ice cream cone, or snatching him off of a street corner at a moments notice-- the coffee going cold in a wishful state of leisure. This simple moment of stillness was delightful!


  1. Love it! And so nice that you two got to get some alone time in lovely Guanajuato. Happy Belated, b-day! ooxx, jess