Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Snapshot: Mexican Beach Food

You knew I would not be able to resist making a comparison between Hamburg beach food and the tropical, still-shaking-the-salt-water-out-of-its-fins delights offered up and down the Mexican coastline, right? I mean the opportunity to rub poor Sniff's nose in a bit of paradise is hard to resist. May 1st is labor day here and May 5th, is uh, Cinco de Mayo. (The celebration of a battle fought and won against the French.) We spent our five day weekend on the beach in and around the charming little town of La Manzanilla eating German beach food in Opposite Land. Pictured above is one of my favorite playa snacks: camarones en agua chili (shrimp in chili water). Fresh raw shrimp are sliced in half lengthwise then laid to rest in a zippy pool of lime juice and pureed jalapenos. The acid from the lime juice cooks them slightly and the jalapenos create a delicious cooling sweat all over your body.

If ceviche is not your thing, people walk up and down the beach offering peeled mangoes cut into the shape of flowers, sweet juicy pineapple spears, and tender coconuts with long straws from which to slurp the rejuvenating coco water. Vendors tempt lazy beer drinkers with long skewers stuffed with chili coated grilled shrimp and the ring-a-ding of ice cream carts is heard up and down the beach. And of course there are those mouth puckering margaritas and refreshingly light Pacifico beers to wash it all down! Now, who wants a plate of mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage?

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