Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Snapshot: A Crust Is a Crust, Is a Crust......

I had no idea tortillas had crusts! What a discovery! The innate loathing and childhood rejection of The Crust knows no cultural boundaries. Yesterday, my neighbor’s son was at our house and I offered to make him a quesadilla. The above was what he left on his plate. Crispy with grease, cheese oozing out the sides I couldn’t understand why the edges had been systematically discarded. When I questioned his mother, she airily responded that he never eats the crusts. Crust? On a tortilla? Where did that come from?

One could deduce from this fascinating anthropological discovery in my kitchen that kids in all cultures are totally insane and their picky nonsensical food prejudices are not random whims to make us crazy, but perhaps encoded in their DNA. How could this be learned behavior? Where does a Mexican kid learn that crusts are pure evil and then apply it to his culture's answer to bread?

P.S. He also said, “no gracias” to the salsa, and dipped his quesadilla into ketchup (!). Kids are weird in any culture.


  1. i'm back and i found your RSS feed! :)
    hope you don't mind that i read along. love this post. kids are weird.

  2. I just can't wrap my brain around this at all - do kids really come out of the chute with an instinctual loathing for bread crusts? And where'd they even get the notion that crust cutting is an option? I actually just blogged about this myself a coupla days ago:

    The Crust of the Matter