Monday, April 16, 2012

Copenhagen: Dinner at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

So, after we run out of the house into a warm, waiting cab, we slam the door, give the cabbie directions and cackle as he peels away at how very clever/cunning and crafty/fabulous we must be to be heading out to dinner alone while the boys are home with the babies.

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is housed in a gorgeous little greenhouse on the lawn of one of the Danish royal gardens. There is one open dining room with floor to ceiling windows, floral decal on the walls and a cascading chandelier that sprinkles light in droplets from above. The setting is formal but intimate, chic in an old school kind of way.

Rather than try to describe these dishes, I thought I would write a little haiku for each one. In full disclosure, this meal happened nearly two months ago and I cannot tell you as much as I would like to about each of these amazing little plates. And honestly, after wine pairings with every course, I am not sure I could fully describe each of them even an hour after we left the restaurant. What I can tell you is this: Fen's friend Jakob Mielcke, head chef and owner, is creative, attentive, and inspired. And while the food and perfect pairings played a prominent roll in the overall enjoyment of the evening, it was also just really, really lovely to be catching up with a good friend over a great meal. 

First plate from the chef
taste like a freshly mowed lawn
where unicorns play.

Potato on sand
eat the chips if you want but
they're decoration.

A shrimp with shrimp cream 
sit atop a cracker made 
of, surprise, more shrimp.

These small saffron eggs
cast a shadow on the plate,
looks like runny yolk.

The pebbles on sand
remind the chef of the coast;
these are potatoes.

 Looks like deviled eggs;
No, foie gras with raspberry;
Fen and I swooned.

Delicately rolled
leaves and ceps and greens in jus
of I forgot what.

I think this was squid?
It was a little slimy
yet delicious, too.

Roasted beet carpa-
cio looks a bit like roast beef
but it's not at all.

Jerusalem art-
ichokes never tasted as
good as they did here.

If I enjoyed the 
taste of lamb, I am sure I 
would have liked this more.

Smooth pumpkin ice cream
on thin ribbons of pumpkin
not too sweet, just right.

More drinks! Why not?! Beer
for dessert? Yes, of course! So 
sweet, frothy and good.

Sprinkled ferry dust
floated down from the ceiling
enchanted lighting.

chocolate overload just
looking at this pic.

Foam! Foam! Ginger foam!
Carry you away on a 
cloud of bubbly schaum.

Fen, the evening was
fantastic. The food whoa and 
time with you priceless. 


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