Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If I had to name one reason to love Germany...

It would be WEIHNACHTSMARKTS i.e. Christmas markets.

And glühwein i.e. hot mulled wine. Consumed outside when it's cold.

Under bright lights and pyramids of life-size nativity scenes and candles.

In the main square of a well-preserved German town like Lüneburg.

Musically accompanied by my favorite Roma Santa band. Did you know that Santa hails from Romania originally? These are his peeps. Representing my favorite glühwein stand. We come here so often that when we walk up, they stop playing and yell, "Hey! Harry! Maya!" Henry and Amalia love them.

Right down the way from the Südtiroler stand...two reasons to reconsider your stance on eating meat or your religious beliefs...

The famous northern German specialty grünkohl mit pinkel - green cabbage with sausage.

And goulash mit semmelknödel - goulash with dumplings. Is there anything better when you are standing outside in the cold at Christmas time?

Yes at times like these, I looooooooove Germany.

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