Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Snapshot: LARD

In some countries, grocery stores have a whole aisle dedicated to a single delicacy, such as cheese, chocolate, or salsa. Honduras has aisles upon aisles of tubed LARD. And not even the tasty delicious kind that comes from succulent fatty animals, no it's the trans fat kind that comes from... uh.... vegetables?

I wish I could expound upon the slight nuances of the multitude of brands and varieties, with tasting notes like.... "Clover Green has a heavy waxy finish that suffocates your taste buds and makes you want to scrub your tongue with sandpaper after eating." Or, "Doral Yellow is about as far from tasting like animal fat as a vegan is from dressing up in bear's skin still warm from the hunt." However, with nothing but a glass of dehydrated milk to wash it down, I never did get around to sampling what would appear to be one of Honduras's greatest culinary treasures.

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