Saturday, July 10, 2010

American Summer Vacation 2010 Snapshot Series

Sniff and Smash running free after dropping the kids with the grandparents! Vacation is ON!

Sniff and I kicked off our summer vacations with a Yippee-Kai-Yo in Hamilton, Montana (after short visits visiting friends in and NYC and LA). I have stayed on for two more weeks of pure indulgence in the American West- country music twanging on the radio, fly fishing in the evenings, discussing the best way to kill and cook an elk, marveling glorious mountain views under the umbrella of the famous Big Sky. Sniff and family departed for the next chapter of their jaunt- keeping it real and going back to her Wisconsin roots- lazy docks stretching over chilly lakes, accents that turn the English language into a comedy and cheese curds.

In the spirit of summer reading, we are going to post a daily snapshot and a quick blurb about the beauty and culture of the places and spaces we are pondering and exploring on our Great American Vacations! So, check back frequently!

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