Thursday, July 15, 2010

American Summer Vacation Series 2010: New York City Family

In Montana, we reunited with my dad's side of the family including my siblings and their new babies, Smash and brood and her brother and parents and the matriarch of the family, my 90 year old grandmother. In Wisconsin, we visited my mom and stepdad at their new permanent residence deep in the north woods on a gorgeous little lake. And in New York, we visited more family, that is friends who are as close as family. Eva, TJ, Laura-Julie, Zia, Richard, Rachel, Dee, George, Leslie, Andrea, Natasha, Brian, Kalpana, Jess, Michael, Ian, Tessa, Clare, Matthias, Jay, Seth, Asma, Nathan, Ruthie - New York City and its environs probably has the highest density of people we love of any one city in the United States. To you, my darling dears. We love you terribly and miss you to match.

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