Friday, April 16, 2010

Dispatches from the Grocery Store: the non-exportables

You remember that we said we would post not only our favorite treats and sweets but "oddities and things that are not exported for a reason." Behold exhibit A: fleischsalat.

What is fleischsalat you ask? Literally, it's meat salad. And up close, it looks like this:

If that is not close enough for you, go ahead and click on the photo to enlarge - but it's not recommended. Looks like someone accidentally dropped a few strips of processed meat into this container of mayonnaise. (Actually, I am having childhood flashbacks - could it be that my mom used to make something similar and called it "lady's aid" or am I just hallucinating? Does anyone else remember lady's aid?) I am a lover not a fighter of condiments but mayonnaise - I can't go there. So my least favorite condiment joins forces with something that is listed on the package as fleischbrät which is made up of (in parentheses) pig flesh, pig fat, water, salt, potato starch, a "stabilizer" and "emulgator" in addition to five things that no one can pronounce, pickles, onions, egg yolk and of course, "aroma". All I can say is, why? I felt a bit guilty buying this just for this blog entry but then I remembered, MY HUSBAND LOVES THIS SHIT. So don't worry, dear readers, it won't got to waste.

And these little gems are called rollmops which I first assumed was a typo on the packaging. "Ohhhhhh, what they meant was, "roll 'em ups"!" Nope. These are rollmops, little pickled herring, rolled up, stuck with tooth picks and eaten just as yo see them here. I was going to unroll one to find out if there is anything rolled up inside but I accidentally splashed myself with the vinegar they are soaking in and now I smell like raw fish. I quickly abandoned the project and so dear readers you are just going to have to go through your day without knowing WHAT IS INSIDE OF A ROLLMOP. I know it will be tough, but I'm sure you'll manage. Oh and don't worry, my husband loves these too. Pigs and herring do not die in vain at our house!


  1. DISGUSTING. Ingo, how could you actually eat these things?????

  2. Fleischsalat (the good kind, with strips of real sausage instead of 'Fleischbraet' meat-substitute) is AWESOME. And there is a piece of pickled cucumber in a Rollmops, adding a crunchy acidity to the pickeled raffinesse of a Bismarckhering, as the fishpart of a Rollmops is called before it is rolled.

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