Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dispatches from the Grocery Store: German grütze and Leibniz keks

I am craving sugar apparently. What I picked up for you at the grocer's today will make your dentist shake his head. Rote grütze is basically what you might look at and say, "that's pie filling!" or at least that's what I said when I first saw it. It is a fruit preserve that is a cross between pie filling and a sweet runny jam. You can make your own with fresh fruit and sugar or you can just buy it at your German grocers (pictured above the the strawberry-rhubarb grütze from Dr. Oetker - the German Betty Crocker) - it's sitting there between the yogurt and the milk. In fact, grab some whipping cream while you are there to top it off. Or ice cream. And there you have a delicious, light-ish, sorta healthy, German spring dessert. A German fruit pie without the crust in a bowl!

My mom, the diabetic, discovered these at our grocery store and was hooked at first bite. Now I am too. In fact, I never buy them because when I do, I EAT THE WHOLE BOX. They are THAT good. And with a cup of coffee - ALTE SCHWEDE. They are kids cookies, essentially graham crackers with a chocolate cover but the chocolate is so good and so thick and it goes so perfectly with the crispy and only slightly sweet cracker. Leibniz is the German answer to McVitie's - for those familiar with the British baker - my other cookie addiction. I bought the box above for YOU, loyal readers. And as you are not here to share them with me, excuse me while I go finish off the box.

Come back tomorrow for more Mexican finds from Smash!


  1. btw all, i made pesto last night out of that bunch of bärlauch... and added only the bärlauch, pinenuts, olive oil, parm and salt. can i just say, not recommended for small children, the elderly, faint of heart or vampires. holy sinus cleansing garlic flavor batman! i think i burned a hole in my tongue! perhaps the recipe was supposed to be mainly basil with a few bärlauch leaves thrown in for good measure - not solely bärlauch. I can't go within 10 feet of a anyone without seeing a - what't that smell? - face. Bärlauch - at your own risk!

  2. ooohhhh... i do believe i sampled a berry-licious version of above mentioned "pie-filling" with ice cream when we visited. YUM!