Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Snapshots: Nice is Nice

What is it about palm trees that just screaaammms vacation?

Bonjour mes amies! We are back in la Fraaaaantz to defrost after what was a treacherous although lovely white winter. We are staying near Grasse but gravitated toward the coast yesterday, Nice to be precise, and stayed for dinner at La Petite Maison. It was a recommendation from a colleague of Ingo's whose been coming to the area for years and claims he has to fight Bono for a table but it's sooo worth it. He did not lie. Their soup de poisson was perfect - not too fishy, slightly spicy, and the rouille pungent. I had the salade d'artichauts violets - a revelation. Am I the only one whose never eaten raw artichokes before?  The Coquilles Saint-Jacques nacrées, rissolées à l’ail was divine. If you loooove scallops like I do - these were perrrfectly seared. The amount of garlic was enough to keep a flock of vampires away - wow. And the Loup de pêche locale cuisiné "comme on aime" was a gorgeous white fish grilled lightly enough to retain the fish's briney flavor and meaty texture. We rolled out of there. And I mean in the full way, not the cool way. Our fellow dinners were an interesting mix of people our parents age, wealthy Russians, English-speaking tourists, slutty Italian girls and their Mafiosi boyfriend, and potential celebrities. And then there was us - the parents of twins who are currently at home with their grandparents - more wine please!

Notice there is only one shirtless dude in this photo. It was about 10 degrees to cold to swim in my opinion but the sun was shining and hey why not get a jump start on that summer tan?

Nice was so nice!


  1. thanks! I just recommended that restaurant to my friend who is going be at the Cannes Film Fest in a few weeks!

  2. jess - i hope she enjoys! the food was amazing - ah, there is soooo much good food to be eaten in Cannes/Nice... sigh.

  3. I was there at age 20 on a backpacking budget. While that was fun, I wish I could go back and eat some gourmet goodies other than baguettes, cheese and wine!