Monday, November 15, 2010

November Project: THE KITCHEN'S Thanksgiving-Inspired Autumnal Meal

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The Kitchen, pop-up kitchen, secret supper club, mobile guerrila restaurant of Hamburg struck again this weekend with their Autumnal Meal. 

The fall feast followed an American Thanksgiving-inspired theme, hence the deco included red table clothes and navy napkins with white stars, various varieties of pumpkins, overgrown cinnamon sticks and pomegranates. A fireplace was projected onto a white wall to give a warm glow and a cozy atmosphere in what is usually the back storage room of a lovely Swedish café. 

Preferring to incorporate the storage room feel into the decor rather than mask it, drink crates were stacked and used as podiums and serving tables and sekt bottles became an arty backdrop.

As usual, the chefs were too busy plating dishes to photograph them but a few quick snapshot were stolen. Above, the harissa carrots (recipe to follow) which were served in small ramicans on the side of the main course. This spicy Moroccan salad may have seemed like an odd pairing with the rich porcini gravy and earthy truffle mashed potatoes, but served on the side they offered a sharp palate cleansing finale to a rich meal and complimented the spicy chorizo in  our new absolutely hands-down favorite stuffing ever (recipe to follow). 

The dessert, a "crumbled apple pie a la mode" was a cross between a crumble and a pie. A pumpkin gnocchi starter meant that pumpkin pie was ruled out as a dessert choice; and pecan pie would have simply been too much after such a decadent meal. The sweet cinnamony apples were a perfect finish and the pumpkin seed oil over ice cream - you have to try. Nutty and light, tying everything together like a ribbon on a package.

The Kitchen wishes to thank ALEXANDRA and SABINE, above all, as well as the Larssons, Iris, Ingo, the Schmidts, Hakaka and everyone else who has assisted, fed, taste-tested, loaned, inspired, led, directed and just been there. 

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  1. Congrats! What a feast! Looks fab - how mobile are you...fancy a visit to London?! x