Monday, August 24, 2009

The French Series: Boudin Blanc

I'd never had boudin blanc before but found it at the local butchers recently and recalled a nostalgic article about summers in France and this white sausage. And because I'm a sucker for food as memory, I considered making boudin blanc one of mine.

We had decided to throw a few things on the grill - a dorade for the pescatarian in the group, and for the rest of us, a few merguez and the boudin blanc. As soon as Ingo saw it, he asked, "What's with the weiss wurst?" - refering to the Bavarian specialty that's peeled out of its intestinal casing before it's boiled, dipped in sweet mustard and eaten - often for breakfast. Weiss wurst has always been unappealing to me and so the thought that what might turn out to be my new favorite French sausage was nothing more than a German hotdog immediately put me on the defensive.

"It is NOT weiss wurst - it's boo-daan blaaaaaahnk," I insisted in my best Fransch ak-sant. Ingo sceptically grilled the links and the three of us tucked in, albeit somewhat timidly.

"This is weiss wurst", Ingo declared.

"Do NOT inzult ze food of ma pee-pull!" with my best dramatic flair.

To be honest, I couldn't have told you if it was weiss wurst or not. The texture was a little too soft, a little too reminiscent of a mousse and not as flavorful when placed alongside the spicey merguez.

Regretfully, the French weiss wurst will not be included in my list of summer memories.

Photo above: Wiz tackles the wurst!

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  1. ooohh sniff, now we are talking! mussels, frites, and boudin blanc. when i was cooking at la toque, we would make our own boudin blanc during truffle season and season them liberally with freash black truffles.....ohhhh sex on a plate. i salivate.