Friday, August 28, 2009

The French Series: le Fin

I hate this part of the vacation - the end. We head out on Sunday so today's post will conclude the French Series. Merci for coming along for the ride!

But before we head off, a view from the beach....

Lazy days on the calanques, the gorgeous rocky beaches between here and Marseilles.

The kids loved the fromage battu - a very thick yogurt, a French lebnah - which they had for breakfast every morning. I loved that it was hot enough to hang out in diapers - they dribbled down their bellies and I did approximately 15 less loads of laundry.

Last night our little crew, which grew on Wednesday to include Martin, Annika and baby Fanny, tried to outsmart the kids by going out for a late dinner. We hit old favorite Le Petit Prince in Cabris, a simple cozy bistro with an excellent kitchen.

General consensus among the meat eaters - Annika's tartar de beouf was delicious. Raw red meat had always put me off - until moving over here. Raw beef mixed with onion, mustard seed, garlic and the chef's secret spices - I've acquired the taste.

Again, dessert was stellar. "Café gourmand" consisted of a pistachio creme brulé, a haselnut ice cream that tasted like Frangelico and a sort of fondant brownie that temporarily renewed my love affair with chocolate.

The dessert was either complimented or decorated or -actually we all wondered what the hell it was doing on the plate along side a gummy artificial strawberry - and here it is in what has become the obligatory Wiz photo.

The kids were destroyed. We had banked on them passing out in the stroller. Let's just say, we all know whose really in charge here.

So, mes bonnes amies, thanks for joining us. See you back in der Vaterland! Bisous x jiff and co.

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  1. mmmmm the dessert sounds fantastic!! pistacio creme brulé!!! expecting you to master that one next ttime i come for a visit! ;-)

    by the way, was out for lunch friday and had a sandwich with... french fries! so i thought waht the hell, i'll give fridtjof one (he was actually happily chewing on cucumbers but had to see how he'd like it). he got one and chewed happily for about a minute and then he fell asleep!! gotta try it for dinner next time!

    safe travels back!

    xx F and F