Sunday, August 23, 2009

The French Series: Moules et Frites

Last night we headed up to Cabris, a little hilltop town close to where we are staying, to air the kids out and grab a little kir royale and bierre a la pression... However, the moules et frites at the table next to us unwittingly rearranged our plans. Instead of a quick drink, we grabbed a table and settled into a few pots of moules et frites - a la provencial - a tomato-herb sauce, marinière - broth and vegetables, de la maison - tomatoes, garlic and creme, and creme ail - garlic and cream and mmmmmmmmmm the best frites you ever did eat. One of the kids passed out in the stroller, the other ate several fries and sucked on a few mussel shells. They slept til 9 this morning. A world record. Perhaps we should be having moules et frites more often?


  1. Fantastic!! Fridtjof will be getting frites for dinner tonight! C'ant possibly get hold of moules here so french fries will have to do the trick!

  2. It was probably the fries - all that grease mmm makes me sleepy just thinking about it. I mean what's a few extra kilos when sleeping in is at stake? Kisses to Fridtjof xxx and to you too of course xxx