Thursday, August 27, 2009

The French Series: Fondant au Chocolat

There it is - the aforementioned fondant au chocolat which I ate three of in one sitting while nursing. Today I feel victorious when I make it through one. This one is homemade only in the sense that we put it in our oven at home. We picked up a package of four in the refrigerated section of our local grocery store, they come in little plastic cups with instructions to place in a pre-heated oven for exactly 16 minutes. Last year our friend Wiz, a lover of all things chocolate who has a special place in his heart and stomach for fondant, in his quest for the perfect "homemade" consistency, experimented with the times - 12 minutes: too runny though still delicious; 18 minutes: solid, no good. He determined that 16 minutes - give or take 30 seconds - was right on: a moist cakey exterior with an interior that oooozes out when you stick your spoon in. Yes, spoon - no forks for this delicious flowing cake. Add vanilla ice cream (actually last night we topped it with vanilla-pecan-caramel-with-salty-butter ice cream - wow) and eet eez zee best!

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